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Our company

Founded in 1980, VARMEC designs and produces reducers, motor-reducers and variators: innovative solutions for industrial power transmission.                   As a result of the company’s total dedication to exlusively three types of products (helical gearboxes, commuters and mechanical drives), VARMEC has developed a very strong specialization: as a consequence, the highest possible standards of quality are ensured, as are punctual and on time deliveries.

Since the year 2000, VARMEC has been part of the Tramec Group: thanks to this partnership, the company  has become a complete and versatile supplier in the field of mechanical transmissions.

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Our style

A fundamental feature of VARMEC products is the detailed process of design and manufacturing, joined by first quality materials: aluminum cases and flanges and high-strength cast iron, gears built with hardened steel and rectified by a subsequent grinding operation on the tooth flanks to improve performance and guarantee silent operation, input and output shafts made from quenched and tempered steels and cementation. The gearboxes and cast iron variators are painted with a thermosetting powder based on polyester resins that are modified with an epoxy resin: the Blue RAL 5010.

Product range

Varmec’s product range is placed in the industrial and professional machinery sector, with very diversified fields. The high quality of the products, alongside their flexibility and the elasticity of production, have earned VARMEC a place in both the national and international markets.

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Prompt delivery

High speed production cycles and deliveries are possible thanks to the availability of in stock parts, managed with an automated logistical control system (even for special items).

The sales network

VARMEC, through an extensive and specialized distribution network, is able to offer world class service and prompt delivery worldwide. We invite you to contact our sales department for any further information in order to inform the suitable sales agent.